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“Game Engines don’t get cool tag lines.”

I started at Radical Entertainment on the Engine team. When I first started at the company we were close to 400 people, the largest it had ever been (or ever would be)! They had 4 game projects active at a time, plus an Engine team maintaining the core technology and tools for the entire studio. The engine was called Titanium, and it was used on 7 or so large scale games, 3 of which actually saw the light of day (Prototype 1 and 2, and Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant).

I was hired at Radical to help build a brand new Flash based UI system. They had licensed ScaleForm GFx (a Flash player middleware for consoles and PC), integrated it into Titanium, and now needed to build a Frontend system on top of that. Not only that, but they were also making their first foray into network multiplayer and I had a bunch of experience doing online lobby Frontends at EA.

Things went really well, and before long, the new Frontend system and online lobby were being integrated into projects all across the company. The system was still being used (in one form or another) right up until 2012 when Radical ceased development on their own games.