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A Game Programmer with 10 years of Industry Experience across all Major Platorms


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XNA to MonoGame.Android – Porting Primer

Posted on Apr 20 by

In June 2013 I released version 1.0 of Swipe Tap Smash, a Windows Phone game written in C# using XNA. By December of that year I was releasing version 1.2, and with it had...


Swipe Tap Smash Released

Posted on Jun 22 by

Motivated by a free phone offer, I spent last week or so crunching on a really small game project: Swipe Tap Smash for Windows Phone. I describe it as: Super Spike V’Ball...



Posted on Apr 7 by

If you haven’t already, you should read part 1 of this blog first. To quickly recap the previous blog: My game uses standard A* for path finding, but would run...


Game in a Week – Day 8…

Posted on Mar 16 by

See Part 1 of Game in a Week blog. As you might guess from the title of this blog, we’ve given ourselves a slight extension to the 1 week game project. We were considering...


Game in a Week – Half Way Point

Posted on Mar 12 by

All artwork done by Erik Larsson. Can I put together a fun iOS/Android game in a week? Probably not, but I’ll know for sure in a couple days! I’ve decided to take a...


Dynamic HPA*: Part 1

Posted on Mar 5 by

My current personal project uses A* for AI path-finding, but I recently discovered that under certain conditions, the algorithm would become a performance bottleneck....